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Entry #9


2010-01-05 09:29:42 by sebbeshs

Wat u doing herelol. I Maek Music. CHECK. IT.OUT.


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2011-03-24 09:59:51

holy shit you are in norway...... norway for the win


2014-06-01 11:10:13

Are you still alive ?

sebbeshs responds:

Ah, I don't spend much time on this site anymore, really. I had some fun here, but I kinda lost my creative spark once I turned 15 or something. Maybe I'll try to make more stuff someday, I dunno. Thanks for dropping by, tho :)


2016-08-29 11:28:37

wow, it is 1 year ago that you have responded :D and I found out like 2 months ago, that you have responded :D